Your first commercial track [FREE]
Listen to the track you will create:
In this very short free course, you will create a potentially commercial track from scratch. You will follow step by step instructions with no prior knowledge required.
Free course
What we will do?
  • 1
    Arangment Harmony Part 1
    We will create a chord progression to our acapella, analyze the arrangement in reference tracks. Add variety to our chord progression, adding variety to the arrangement with various instruments. Add some liveliness to our arrangement using guitar slides, and so on. Selecting the Sub-bass for our verse.
  • 2
    Arangment Harmony Part 2
    Create the structure of our track. Add Reese bass for our pre-chorus. Adding various instruments (violins, cello, etc. to create an emotional orchestral part in the pre chorus). Harmonizing our instruments. Ostenato. Adding drop. Create a sub bass groove in the chorus (drop) to contrast with the verse. Finalizing the intro.
  • 3
    Analyzing the percussion part of the reference tracks. We select the Kick for the verse. Create a groove in a verse using drums (kick, clap, hats, top loops, etc). Add FX, fills to create dynamics in the track. Adjust all tonal samples to the key of our track. Develop the arrangement, add a kick to our example (drop). Analyzing the drum part of the reference tracks in the chorus (drop).
  • 4
    DRUMS and Mastering
    Finalize drums and put the project in order by grouping and signing all the tools. Equalize our Drums. Add extra space and insulate with saturation. Create a sidechain for dynamism and to eliminate conflicts between kick and other tools. Equalize our instruments. Reverb with the space of our instruments (reverb, delay, chorus, panoram, etc.). Equalize our Fx and add extra space to them. Create automation for dynamic composition. Work with loudness (adjust the volume of instruments as in the reference).
Course is for those who
Beginners who have always wanted to start writing music but don't know where to start.
Musicians who are not satisfied with the sound quality of their tracks and are constantly looking for new ways to implement their ideas.
About the author
Alexander Adamyan aka DROHP
Course author, Ghost Producer, Artist
My name is Alexander Adamyan aka DROHP. I am a professional DJ and sound producer. I worked with various labels. I played at more than 350 scenes including the Ibiza resort, but I mostly do ghost production. I write music for world pop-music star. I also create dance music and sample packs. Over the past 2 years, I have written 123 ghost tracks, 40 of which were successfully issued under world-famous labels and 2 of them became world hits.
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