From an Idea to Mastering
With over 12 years of work in music production behind it, this course uses a unique methodology for creating music that will help you to achieve sounds at a professional level.
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Required Software
Ableton Live
In this course you will learn about musical theory in simple terms, and create unique sounds and beautiful harmonies, finally getting that music out of your head, onto paper, and into actual songs!

Together we will go through all the problem areas in writing music. We will overcome the fear and difficulty of mixing and mastering music and, finally, learn how to finish our work, and not just accumulate tons of demos!
My lessons let everyone hear your music.
Course is for those who
Beginners who have always wanted to start writing music but don't know where to start.
Musicians who are not satisfied with the sound quality of their tracks and are constantly looking for new ways to implement their ideas.
DJs & Sound Producers
DJs and sound producers who want to develop their sound design and are looking for unusual ways to process sound.
Lessons Plan
1. Musical theory
1.1 Fundamentals of music theory (building chords)
These lessons are dedicated to the fundamentals of musical theory. You will understand the principles of different chords building (triads, septa chords, chords of the ninth, eleventh chords, thirteenth chords, sus accords, parallel chords). You will also learn to use the circle of fifths and build various modern commercial chord progression. You will understand what key-note is and how you can easily pick up any harmonics from different commercial tracks.
The struggle is real
Want to create music but too afraid to start?
You are going to create amazingly beautiful harmonics and melodies with the way that can not be found in the music theory books. You won't have to study music theory or the basics of sound design the long and boring way.
Course benefits
About the author
Alexander Adamyan aka DROHP
Course author, Ghost Producer, Artist
My name is Alexander Adamyan aka DROHP. I am a professional DJ and sound producer. I worked with various labels. I played at more than 350 scenes including the Ibiza resort, but I mostly do ghost production. I write music for world pop-music star. I also create dance music and sample packs. Over the past 2 years, I have written 123 ghost tracks, 40 of which were successfully issued under world-famous labels and 2 of them became world hits.
How much for course?
  • 8 hours of footage
  • Proprietary methodology that anyone can understand
  • Feedback for your homework and tracks from me and the team of professional authors.
  • PDF files with different tips that help you to create melodies and harmonics quickly
  • Projects with tracks in different genres that you can look at from the inside and keep yourself as a starting point for your future tracks
  • My secret sauce that helps me during mixing and mastering
  • The samples and presets created by me and used in almost every track of mine
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Frequently asked questions
Where can I find Ableton live and other plug-ins that were mentioned during the lessons?
All essential links are attached to each lesson. You can use them to download demo versions of all the programs and plugins that you need.
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