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On the example of this exclusive track you will learn how to make a trendy, bass-booming, and hard-kicking beat from scratch. As a result after this free 30 minutes masterclass, you’ll be able to make your own instrumental. With this tutorial, you'll gain some music production skills and go through core Ableton Live features. All project files are included.

Level Basic
Software Ableton Live
Duration 30+ min
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Who will be teaching you?

Hi, my name is Stan. I'm a musician, producer and sound designer. I've been in the music industry for about 10 years now and have worked with different artists and bands, performed with live acts and produced a lot of music in a variety of genres.

I have always been inspired by music and started playing musical instruments since I was 11 and then added up computer technologies such as DAW (digital audio workstation) to my skill set, which allowed me to create amazing stuff and manipulate sounds. After years of experimenting with different DAW's I have finally discovered Ableton Live which became my one-stop-shop production and performance tool for all my musical ideas.

In this course I will guide you through all the essentials topics of music production, teach you how to use Ableton Live and share the necessary music knowledge, so you can start turning your ideas into music today.

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