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Start your musical career with Music School’s unique methods of creating music
Learning that is accessible to everyone
Thanks to our unique techniques, our courses are suitable for both beginners and professionals
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Our team is always ready to answer questions that may arise during your training
Promotion of Student Music
The best student tracks will be released through Music.school’s imprint. We will provide the track’s distribution to more than 50 online digital stores and streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal and Beatport
Our Courses
master class by Sagan
Sagan Master Class
Following Sagan’s lead, you will put your technical knowledge into practice by mastering your arrangement skills, compositions, and various plugins
Sagan Master Class
master class by Going Deeper
Going Deeper master class
Discover the ins and outs of creating the track, Going Deeper-Broken. You will learn the secrets to synthesizing and processing sound
Going Deeper master class
course by Univz
The Art of Vocal Production by Univz
Univz will share practical skills for working with vocals and reveal the basic steps and methods she has successfully used in her own tracks
The Art of Vocal Production by Univz
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